“Barefoot” hiking boots by Vivobarefoot


Barefoot footwear don’t give you as much cushioning as your normal padded sneakers do but it’s supposed to be safer because it promotes the natural way humans move. It’s “barefoot” because it lets you have a feel for the ground almost as if you were barefoot, which adds to your sensory perception of the terrain [...]

Mammuts Lightweight Crampon Boots


Mammuts’  new crampon boot, Mt.Cliff GTX, weighs only44 ounces for the men’s size 8.5 and 37 ounces for the women’s size 5.5.  It is compatible with strap-on type crampons and great for mountain walking, hiking and climbing. Asymmetric lacing help boost pressure on the big toes and increase precision. Free-sliding bands ensure a good foothold [...]