Columbia’s Omni-Heat battery-powered jacket a fire hazard

Faulty Omni-Heat Electric jacket battery pack

  A cell defect on the battery pack, which causes overheating and pose a fire hazard, was found on three Omni-Heat™ Electric jacket styles: Omni-Heat™ Electric Wader Widgeon, Omni-Heat™ Electric Big Game and Omni-Heat™ Gale Warning Interchange. Two battery packs were included with each of the jackets. Columbia voluntarily conducted the product recall in cooperation with [...]

The North Face Venture Jacket to Pick Up Green Award


The North Face Venture windbreaker jacket first released back in 2002 is about to be given the Editor’s Choice Green Award from Backpacker Magazine which will be officially announced in March 2011. According to TNF, the use of castor oil based material in about 50% of the waterproof breathable coating found on Venture jackets “will [...]

Merrel Jacket with Sleep Stuff Technology


It’s quite refreshing to see something like the Charade Jacket from Merrel and it is refreshing to use because it can help you get some sleep by transforming into a neck pillow. A neck pillow is always nice to have when you’re traveling especially over long distances. You can use it on the plane, on [...]

Magnetic Jacket/Vest Convertible


When you’re doing strenuous activities like running or hiking in autumn or winter your body can still heat up so much that even a lightweight windbreaker can be too hot for you. Yet you still need a jacket because it’s too cold to be without one. The Versa Jacket from Sugoi might be able to [...]

Travel confidently with the pick-pocket-proof travel pants


When traveling aboard, one of my biggest concern is the pick pocket on the street. To have your wallet stolen is not a pleasant experience. With P^Cubed (Pick Pocket Proof) pants, the theif would have to knock you out first to steal from you without you knowing. The pockets are zippered and buttoned so it’s [...]

A Pretty Awesome Travel Vest

scottevest Travel Vest

I tend to have too much stuff in my pockets when I’m traveling abroad and those bulging pockets kinda makes me look pretty stupid but I still need easy access to a lot of stuff like my passport, phone, camera, wallet, etc. Thanks to Scottevest for solving this problem for me plus a lot more. [...]

A Shirt That Increases Lung Capacity, Improves Strength


The Posture Shirt increases lung capacity, strenght, mobility of the shoulder joint, can reduce neck, back and shoulder pain and may decrease muscle tension in the neck and shoulder. Why? Because it primarily does one thing well, it improves your posture. Those mentioned are only some of the many benefits of having good posture. The [...]

Rucksack plus Jacket equals RuckJack


A tent that’s also a hammock is called a Tammock and a tent that’s also a backpack is called a TentPak so it’s only appropriate that a rucksack that’s also a jacket be called a RuckJack. It is a lightweight waterproof-breathable outdoor jacket. When you turn the jacket upside down, close some zippers and attach [...]

The Ultimate Soft Shell?

The North Face Kishtwar

The award-winning North Face Kishtwar utilizes a high-tech Power Shield Pro fabric striking the ideal balance between breathability and weather protection. The soft shell is much more breathable than the competitors and blocks 99% of the wind. I don’t know how they came up with the percentage. The 1% of unblocked wind is supposed to [...]

A Cap for Day and Night – 2C Solarlight Cap

2c Solarlight Cap

The first time I saw the picture of the solar cap, I thought there was a fan somewhere on the cap to keep you cool during the day but it turns out the guys at decided to put lights instead. The cap shades your face from sunlight during the day and gives you light [...]