Case Tec X – Premium, hand-crafted knives for 2012


Case’s Tec X collection will include features like one-handed opening and closing, pocket clips, anodized aluminum handles, AUS-8 blades, titanium coatings, and more. “As part of the company’s strategy to engage with new consumers, the Tec X from Case brand extension has been designed to target customers looking for the ultimate utility knife for a wide range [...]

Multi-Tool Tripod: Gerber Steady Tool

gerber steady

Now why didn’t I think about that? The Gerber Steady Tool is probably the first multi-tool to have a tripod. Not even the 141-function Giant Swiss Army knife has it. The standard tripod screw will let you mount on SLRs and compact cameras. You can also get an attachment for smartphones. There are 12 components [...]

More from Bear Grylls


The Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife was only lauched about a month ago and it’s already sold out in many places. It’s not the first in the range of Bear Grylls gear but it is one of the most popular. More good news if you’re a fan of Bear Grylls or his gear. In February you’ll [...]

Benchmade Gold Class Kulgera Osbourne – a Great Gift for the Adventurer Traveller


Every adventurer appreciates a good knife especially one as beautiful as the Benchmark Gold Class Kulgera 930-92, a collector’s item limited to only 200 units. This remarkable blade has a Hakkapella Damasteel blade and Hakkapella Damasteel handles with TiCN coated liners, black nickel screws, clip and thumb-studs. The Gold Class Kulgera 930-92 was featured in [...]

Gerber’s Minimalist Multi-Tool – Gerber Crucial


The Gerber Crucial multi-tool is Gerber’s answer to the similarly minimalist Leatherman Skeletool CX. Like the Skeletool, the Crucial also weighs about 5 oz. It even has similar features including carabiner clip/bottle opener, a partially-serrated blade with liner lock, toothed ratchet cutout, philips and flat head screwdrivers, wire cutter and needle nose pliers. It’s a [...]

The Bear Claw Knife is Like an Extension to Your Hand


Bear claw knives have curved blades like the claw of a bear or like the claw of most other animals and most of them have  a finger-sized hole on the blade handle. When you put your forefinger in that hole and with a grip on the handle, it’s hard to lose the knife or have [...]

A Famous Adventurer’s Swiss Army Knife


Mike Horn has done a lot of things that push the boundaries of physical and mental strength, some of which include an 18-month man-powered circumnavigation of the world on the equator and a 2,000km/27-month solo circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle without motorized or dog transportation. Now an adventurer like this knows what he wants on [...]

Utili-Key – The Lightest and Most Compact Multi-Tool Ever Developed


This key won’t be unlocking doors anytime soon because it’s not really a key. It’s a multi-tool that looks like a key and probably lightest and most compact ever made so it’s great for anyone who want to carry a multi-tool wherever they go but don’t have the pocket space for a Leatherman or Swiss [...]

The ATAX is The Meanest Survival Knife Ever Made


The Bear Grylls Knife may be a great survival knife but if I were to be stuck on a remote island, the ATAX would be my survival knife of choice. There’s a lot you can do with the ATAX. It’s an AX, knife, skinner, wire-cutter, range finder, compass, inclinometer, clock, wrench, hammer, rescue tool, survival [...]

Swiss Pen Spectrum a Cool Multi-functional Pen


Looking for a cool pen for your next camping trip or for everyday use? The Swiss Pen Spectrum is pen, knife, scissors, file and power light. It even has a Fisher pressurized ink cartridge so you can write upside down if you need. Of course you can write upside down with normal pens too but [...]