Game Changing Hydration Engine – Hydration bladder like no other


There are two things I DON’T like about traditional hydration packs. First is that you have to suck on it to drink and second it’s damn hard to clean. That’s why I really like GeigerRig’s Hydration Engine. It has two chambers, one for air and the other for water. When air is pumped into one [...]

A bottle that keeps your soda carbonated – Stanley Nineteen13


The Stanley Nineteen13 is the first bottle I know that not only keeps your drinks cold but also keeps your soda carbonated. It features a high pressure design that is supposed to prevent gas from escaping. There’s a quick drink spout to allow you to take sips without letting out too much gas and an [...]

Nuun Enhanced Sports Drink


Water is the natural choice for keeping yourself hydrated but many people find it quite bland and therefore tend to drink less than they should to rehydrate their bodies. Even if you do like the taste of water over anything else, there’s also the risk of water intoxication due to excessive consumption of water after [...]

It’s Water Bobble, the Filter Water Bottle


You may be tempted to get one of these because it’s a great idea and they look cool. The Water Bobble is still a water bottle but with a thing inside it that’s supposed to filter water. I have my doubts about the Water Bobble so I had a look at a number of reviews. [...]

Katadyn Exstream – Water Purifier Bottle


“Katadyn Exstream Purification Bottles are the only EPA-registered bottles that remove all types of micro-organisms from untreated water.” Now that’s impressive. Katadyn even claims that the bottles can even eliminate the smallest viruses in drinking water. “EPA-registered” means that these bottles are chemical-free and safe for drinking water as approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. [...]