“Barefoot” hiking boots by Vivobarefoot


Barefoot footwear don’t give you as much cushioning as your normal padded sneakers do but it’s supposed to be safer because it promotes the natural way humans move. It’s “barefoot” because it lets you have a feel for the ground almost as if you were barefoot, which adds to your sensory perception of the terrain [...]

Stylish Gucci boots for the wealthy outdoorsman


I never knew Gucci makes hiking boots; I just found out they designed a small batch in 2007 and in their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection they decided to do it again. I doubt they’d be able to outperform the likes of Timberland, Solomon, Merrell and other big names in the hiking boots business but they get top [...]

New Boots for American Soldiers

990 Mountain Combat

Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan now have two boots to choose from: Belleville’s 990 Mountain Combat and 950 Combat Mountain Hiker. It was only last February that the Army received Belleville’s 950 Combat Mountain Hiker, which is strong, stable and well suited for hiking the mountains in Afghanistan because of its stiffness. Unfortunately it was too [...]

Timberland’s Folding Backpacking Shoe


Use it. Fold it. Zip it. Clip it. One thing stopping me from packing an extra pair of shoes when traveling or backpacking is finding the space to pack them. That’s why I think Timberland’s new Radler Trail Camp Shoe is so awesome. The Radler Trail Camper is designed as a comfortable alternative to your [...]

Boots for fast hikers – Adidas Terrex Fast R Solo


Adidas’ re-entry into the outdoor industry is fairly recent but so far they’ve not failed to deliver great innovation and design. One great example is the TERREX Fast R Solo hiking boot. It looks great and has some noteworthy innovations. The sole is made of sticky rubber in collaboration with major tyre brand, Continental, and [...]

Keep Your Feet Happy with SOLE Exhale


I think I can sleep comfortably with these on. The SOLE Exhale “slipper/shoe hybrid” looks more suited for use at home than for the outdoors but they’re also great  for use around the campsite. It’s super comfortable to use thanks to the wear-moldable orthopedic sheepskin-lined footbed and soft interior.

Salomon Fellcross The Conquerer


The Salomon Fellcross lightweight fell and mountain running shoes look like a serious piece of kit. “Featuring a high-grip, studded rubber outsole, the Fellcross will propel you up any rock, grass, snow or mud covered hill. Salomon’s Fellcross is an ultra light (263 grams), low profile racing shoe designed for the toughest conditions. The winter [...]

Zilch the Barefoot Sandal


“Barefoot” seems to be used (or misused) a lot since Vibram introduced the FiveFingers. They were probably the first to coin the term “Barefoot Shoes” (which is an oxymoron) and Teva came up with Barefoot Sandals. The way I understand barefoot is that you’re not wearing shoes. Same like when you’re barehanded – you’re not [...]

Prevent Blisters with Sole Socks and Contest


Getting blisters on a hiking trip is one of the worst things that happen to you. It happens when  your feet rub against your against your shoes too much. You can use duct tape on the hot spots of your feet or use socks that are designed to prevent blisters like SOLE’s dual layer performance [...]

An Awesome Solution to Stinky Shoes


No one’s baking anything and you’re in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly you hear someone say “Does anyone smell cookies?” Before you take a whiff, I want to warn you that you’re not likely going to be smelling any cookies or anything nice for that matter. It could be that someone farted or there’s a [...]