Is the Pocket Chair Ideal for Backpacking?


The reason most people don’t carry a camping chair for backpacking is because of its size and weight. There aren’t many camping chairs that you can easily carry on a backpacking trip so when I saw the ad for the Pocket Chair I thought this must be it; I have finally found a portable chair [...]

Awesome Chairlift Chairs


Chairlift chairs are cool. I would love to have one (altered to be usable as a chair) in my porch. In some places, particularly mountain towns, having a chairlift chair is considered an honor, a boost to status in society. Forty of these chairs from the dismantled 42 year old, historic Golden Eagle lift were [...]

Innovative Chair Invented by a Student


The Miesrolo chair is not exactly designed for camping but it is portable enough for such purpose. Designed by Uros Vitas of the University of Belgrade, the innovative chair is beautifully handcrafted from meticulously-carved wood. It looks good enough to be used as home furniture portable enough to be used as a camping chair if [...]

The Siesta Chair is the Lightest Chair from Alps Mountaineering


Alps Mountaineering has some pretty cool chairs most of which are full-sized camping chairs and loungers. The Siesta Chair is a little bit different. It has a simple design and very lightweight. At 5 lbs, it’s as light as the Larry Travel Chair even though it’s not as cool or pack as small. Whether you’re [...]

Turn Your Camping Chair into a High Chair


If you’re camping with small children, there’s really no need to carry a high chair with you because you can give your normal camping chair a little bit more height with the Kaboost Portable Chair Booster so your child can easily eat off the camping table with the big guys. The Kaboost Portable Chair Booster [...]

Camping Chair Made of Grass


It’s not exactly a portable chair but it’d be cool if there are campsites with this kind of chair. It’s simply cardboard that you put together, fill with soil and plant some grass seeds. It makes a great chair for your lawn though. You just have to wait for the seeds to grow. Unfortunately, the [...]

Fatboy Oudoor – Giant Bean Bag Chair for Camping


If I were to own an outdoor cafe, I would have the Fatboy Outdoor as chairs and make it the most relaxing place in town. The Fatboy Outdoor is not like any other camping chair. It’s a giant bean bag chair designed for the outdoors that has a tough polyester fabric treated with UV protection [...]

A Camping Chair for Cold Weather


I can imagine how nice it is to sit on a warm chair in a cool outdoor setting. The Heated Camping Chair heats up to 120 degF or 140 degF depending on how you set it so now you have no reason to be afraid of sitting in the cold on a camping trip or [...]

The Ultra Portable Larry Chair


The Larry Chair may not be smaller and lighter than the Alite Monarch Chair but unlike the Monarch, you don’t have to balance it on two legs and no assembly is required. It folds down slightly smaller than the Pico Notebook Chair and it’s a lot lighter for at about half the price. Don’t be [...]

A Camping Chair for King Kong


The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair may not be as big as the Brobdingnagian Chair but it’s twice as strong. It can hold up to 800 lbs while the Brobdingnagian Chair can only hold 400 lbs. The Brobdingnagian is weak for its size. The King Kong chair, however, is strong enough for a gorilla so [...]