Game Changing Hydration Engine – Hydration bladder like no other

There are two things I DON’T like about traditional hydration packs. First is that you have to suck on it to drink and second it’s damn hard to clean.

That’s why I really like GeigerRig’s Hydration Engine. It has two chambers, one for air and the other for water. When air is pumped into one of the chambers, the water in the other chamber is pushed through the drinking tube without having to suck on it. Water pours out of it almost as if it came out of a faucet.

This has many advantages; you can share the water with your friends or your dog, spray it on your face, clean wounds, take a shower or clean your boots. I don’t know any other hydration pack that can do this.

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The other thing I like about GeigerRig’s Hydration Engine is that it’s very easy to clean. You simply turn it inside out and pop it in the dishwasher. It’s far easier than cleaning traditional hydration bladders. You don’t have to use tongs or special tools to clean it and we all know that hydration bladders can get pretty disgusting over time.

These two features alone are enough to persuade me to get one and ditch my old Camelbak. But there are other features. The Hydration Engine is virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty. Watch the video below to see how tough it is.

You can also connect the Hydration Engine to GeigerRig’s inline filter, which removes Cryptospordium, Giardia and bacteria and you won’t have to suck hard to get water through the filter. In fact, you don’t have to suck at all if you pressurize the system. Unlike traditional hydration reservoirs, the entire top can open up to provide easy access for cleaning, drying and filling.

It’s not surprising that it received many awards and I suspect there will be many more to come.


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February 9, 2012