NeverWet is more than just waterproof spray

Spray it on any fabric and it’ll be more than just waterproof, it’ll be water repellent. Water will glide as if it’s on the surface of a teflon cooking pan or a Rain-X-treated window.

Teflon and Rain-X are hydrophobic. They’re used on surfaces that are already waterproof to prevent stuff  like fried eggs and water from sticking on them.

Ross Technology came up with something that’s better than hydrophobic. It’s called NeverWet, a spray that can make a surface superhydrophobic. It’s hydrophobic taken up another level and can be used on a wide range range of materials including fabric and metal.

Use it on your backpack and you’ll never need a rain cover or on your tent to be sure that it’s truly waterproof. The possibilities are endless.

Competitive swimmers may soon be spraying the NeverWet on themselves to get an advantage.


  1. Waterproof spray says:

    Great invention from Ross Technology that come up better than hydrophobic it is called NeverWet. It is very useful and helpful.

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November 11, 2011