New Boots for American Soldiers

Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan now have two boots to choose from: Belleville’s 990 Mountain Combat and 950 Combat Mountain Hiker. It was only last February that the Army received Belleville’s 950 Combat Mountain Hiker, which is strong, stable and well suited for hiking the mountains in Afghanistan because of its stiffness. Unfortunately it was too stiff for full time use and soldiers had to revert to their less stiff, more padded combat boots.

But that was not the only reason for the introduction of the 990 Mountain Combat boot. The 950′s leather covering and Gortex lining makes it too hot for the summer months.

“The boots had Gortex lining, which is more oriented toward winter. The increased heat on the soldiers’ feet was rather uncomfortable and causing blisters,” said Lt. Gen. Robert Lennox, deputy chief of staff for Army programs, who observed the problem during a recent visit to Afghanistan’s Regional Command — East.

There is less leather on the 990 Mountain Combat. Instead, there are ballistic nylon Cordura side panels and a full nylon tongue with a small leather overlay to protect it. It’s not waterproof but the material makes it 2.5 more breathable and half a pound lighter than the 950.

It’s not waterproof but dries quickly in the mountains and the materials it’s made of prevent fungal/bacterial infestation and reduce foot odor.

Looks like good news for the soldiers.


  1. I do like these boots. Very ruggedly made and the anti-bacterial properties of the lining should be a huge help in that heat. Back at home, I use Hunter boots to keep the feet dry, but of course they would never hold up to the rigours of a climate like on tour.

  2. These combat boots look really mean and tough. Gotta get me a pair of these.

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October 20, 2011