Timberland’s Folding Backpacking Shoe

Use it. Fold it. Zip it. Clip it.

One thing stopping me from packing an extra pair of shoes when traveling or backpacking is finding the space to pack them. That’s why I think Timberland’s new Radler Trail Camp Shoe is so awesome.

The Radler Trail Camper is designed as a comfortable alternative to your hiking boots for use on the campsite. Each shoe can be folded in half and zipped up so they’re very easy to pack. If you don’t even have that much space in your backpack you can clip it on the outside with a carabiner.

These shoes are better than sandals because they’re water-repellent so you can use them in three seasons whereas sandals are only for summer. You can also wear it as a slip-on or as a normal shoe.

You’ll want to avoid muddy trails or hiking in them altogether because they’re meant to be “around the camp” shoes. Not that hiking in them is a problem because they provide great traction but you have your hiking boots for that. Off the hiking trail and into daily life, the Radler Trail Camper is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Oh yes, they look cool too, both zipped and unzipped.

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August 21, 2011