10 Coolest Gear in 2010

Ten outdoor gear that got me excited back in 2010.

nPower Peg

It harnesses kinetic energy to power up your iPhone, iPad and what-have-you. It’s better than any solar charger because you can always create movement but you can’t always have the sun.

cGear Multi-Mat

It doesn’t look like anything special but I was amazed at what happens when sand was poured over it – it disappears like magic. Works great with dry sand but not so much with wet sand.

Switch Modular Knife

This is most likely the most versatile multi-tool you can ever get. You can carry as much as 13 tools or as little as 2 depending on your needs. You decide which tools you want.

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1

The lightest 1-person double-wall tent just got lighter at just 17.6 ounces thanks mostly to new and improved materials.


Klymit Inertia X-Frame Mat

The Inertia X-Frame Mat is not your average camping mat. It provides cushioning only at the right places making it one of the lightest sleeping pads around.

Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Designed by the Bear himself, the Ultimate Life can help you survive the great outdoors. Sold out pretty quickly in some places during the launch.


Steripen Adventurer Opti

The Adventurer Opti eliminates 99.99% of protozoa including Giardia and Cryptosporidia at a click of the button. You still need a filter though.

Biolite Camp Stove

The Biolite camp stove burns faster and hotter than most cartridge stoves and it generates electricity to charge to phone.

Nemo Isopod

This is a desirable tent for those who venture in sub-zero climates. Few tents can keep you warm better than the Isopod.

Benchmade Gold Class Kulgera Osbourne

This very expensive pocket knife is a thing of beauty. Very limited.

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January 1, 2011