A Heated Camping Mat to Keep You Warm in Winter


A camping mattress is more critical than a sleeping bag if you want to keep warm in winter because you can lose more heat faster to the ground than through the cold air.

I don’t recommend you leave your sleeping bag behind and just take the camping mat with you into sub-zero temperature zones. That would be suicide.

However it is possible to leave your sleeping bag behind if you have a heated camping mat like the Blackcan.

This innovative camping mattress uses hot water circulated from inside the air cushion to keep you warm and comfy.

Temperature can be adjusted from 40 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees and recommended for use in temperatures in the range of -15 degrees centigrade to 15 degree. It uses a screw-on butane canister fuel at 28g/hour and has an automatic temperature control system.

There is no smoke, no noise and no light so you can sleep easy.

The Blackcan is fairly easy to use:

- Connect fuel cartridge to BLACKCAN

- Open lid and fill reservoir with water or BLACKCAN fluid

- Turn on the main valve.

- Set the temperature by lever.

- Wait just a few minutes for the mat to become warm

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November 24, 2010