Inflatable Tent up for the ISPO BrandNew Award


The founders of Heimplanet, the Stefans, have been working on it for years and they now believe that they’ve perfected the design, at least perfect enough to be made available to the public.

It’s called The Cave, an inflatable tent based on one of the most stable structures we know of in nature, the diamond. The tent is supported by double layer air beams constructed in the shape of a diamond.

The weakness lies in the fact that it is prone to punctures but don’t worry too much about the leaks because The Cave uses a multi-chamber safety system to prevent total collapse and 5 separate sections for the diamond structure.

Complicated as it sounds, The Cave takes less than a minute to set up and there are no annoying poles to deal with.

Heimplanet have entered The Cave for the ISPO BrandNew Award so if you like it, go ahead and vote. Just look for the like button (like_button.gif) and click on it.


To read more about The Cave’s journey from concept to final product go to the Born Intents blog.

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November 23, 2010