More Proof That the Water Bobble Does Not Work

Special thanks to fredmercury1990 for posting this youtube video on request. This is further proof that the Water Bobble is useless. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s a good product. A simple handkerchief probably does a better job at filtering. Too bad though because it is a good idea. A good idea executed poorly.

Come on Water Bobble, send me one and let me prove this one wrong. If not, this must be true and a lot of people have been duped.


  1. The water bobble works perfectly well for its intended purpose. The process showcased in this video is not valid. What bobble does is improve the taste of municipal tap water via a carbon filter. The product has been thoroughly tested by the EPA and NSF. The filtering effect of carbon is not a new phenomenon – carbon filters have been used for decades in different forms. Bobble’s carbon filter reduces or eliminates chlorine, organic contaminants taste and odor from municipal water supplies. In this video, its creator has clearly spiked the water with elements not found in potable/municipal tap water, such as Iron, Manganese and/or Arsenic. Bobble is not intended to filter water of unsafe or unknown origin. We have never claimed that the product would filter out those metals. Bobble continues to offer consumers a choice to enjoy the same experience of drinking bottled water without the significant costs bottled water imposes, both to their wallets and to the environment. While we are sympathetic to your concern, you will find that bobble does perform its stated purpose exceedingly well.

  2. @Bobble, thank you for the clarification. At least it’s cheap enough to test without breaking the bank. I might even trouble myself and give it a go.

  3. So true. Honesty and everything rceoignzed.

  4. Cal Reynolds says:

    Maybe the fredmercury1990′s video should be showcasing a life-straw rather than a Bobble. I use
    my Bobble for college. Since I’m a commuter to my school it saves me from having to pay for soda
    all day. Also, it saves the environment from a lot of waste from even one less bottle a day.

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November 7, 2010