Teepee Tents Are Cool


Teepee tents are cool but not just the way it looks. They’re literally cool thanks the excellent ventilation system. You probably won’t ever have condensation problems with teepee tents.

A teepee tent is a cone-shaped tent traditionally used by Native Americans of the Great Plains. What sets the teepee tent apart from conventional tents is not just the size and shape but also the opening at the top which allows for the use of campfires inside the tent for heating and cooking.

It can keep you warm and dry in winter and cool in the summer and you won’t be complaining about space unless of course it’s a mini teepee.

Inside a teepee:

Ventilation System of a DWR Teepee:

Featured Teepees:



  1. Your teepee tent is really excellent. I like it’s shape and size. Inside your teepee atmosphere is awesome. I just love it…thanks

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October 15, 2010