Hammocks That Don’t Need Trees

The problem with your normal hammock is that you need trees for it to be of any use. When you’re at home or outdoors at camp, trees are usually not where you want them to be. A portable hammock can be used just about anywhere, even inside your house, and there’s no need for trees.

Check out these portable camping hammocks:

strathwood hammockStrathwood Portable Folding Hammock

kelysus portable hammockKelsyus Portable Hammock


Ozark Trail Portable Hammock

What I don’t like about the portable hammocks above is that you can only use the hammock already provided. I don’t think anyone invented portable hammock stands yet but if you just want to use a hammock on your balcony or patio and not take it camping or traveling then the hammock stands below are great.

strathwoodhammockstandStrathwood Large Steel Hammock Stand

solid-cypress-wood-arc-hammock-standSolid Cypress Wood Arc Hammock Stand

pawleys-island-tri-beam-steel-hammock-standPawleys Island Tri-Beam Textured Steel Hammock Stand

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October 2, 2010