Battling Hypothermia with Thermo Lifewrap

Thermo LifewrapHypothermia is the number 1 cause of death in the alpine environment. The best way to warm up is probably by stripping down and cuddling up with your part inside a double sleeping bag on top of a good camping mattress. This technique has saved many lives but if you’re alone, the Thermo Lifewrap could be your only lifeline. You can also use it as a rescue equipment to sustain a victim’s life while being transported for treatment.

The Life Wrap is a compact, insulated and actively heated torso wrap that uses “heating stretchable textile combined with advanced battery technology with optimum power-to-weight ratio”. There are two heating pads at the back and two at the front and a battery that also helps with the heating. It can be easily applied to the victim without disrupting the body position.


The Thermo Life Wrap is a design entry for the James Dyson Award and is not available for consumers (at least not yet).

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August 18, 2010