Hotspot Notebook Portable Camping Grill


What I love about this brilliant camping grill is that it folds flat to 1″ x 11″ x 18″ which fits just about any car you might have. The patented folding design is so simple it’s brilliant.

Weighing no more than 9 pounds, the Hotspot Notebook portable camping grill is more portable than any other camping grill we ever found and thanks to the cleverly placed handles, you can easily carry it one handed.

When open, the grill stands 14 inches so you can barbeque while standing up unlike most other foldable grills out there. Maybe, it’s just a coincidence but the V-bottom makes it easy to heat up the charcoal.

192 square inches of cooking space on a stainless steel grate is good enough for most occasions but if you want, you can get 2 or more of these and throw a big party.

We found the lowest price at Amazon. If you find it cheaper somewhere else, please let us know. Thanks.

notebook-portable-flat-folding-bbq-1 notebook-grill

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August 6, 2010