8 Outdoor Gear Win European Gold Award

The European Outdoor Trade Fair is one of the best places to find the latest in outdoor gear. Private companies and public organizations from all over the world came to the tradeshow in Friedrichshafen to showcase their latest and best products in the outdoor industry. There were 412 entries from 28 countries competing to see which one had the best design and the most innovative. 47 were given the Outdoor Industry Award 2010 but only 8 of them are Gold Award winners

Here are the Gold Award winners:

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 – United Kingdom

picture-8It’s the new lightest 1-person double-walled tent in the world at just 17.6 ounces (500 g). Previously it was Terra Nova Laser Photon that had the same title. The Ultra 1 is not only light, it’s also tough, relatively roomy and packs really small. Perfect for the ultralight backpacker.

The Jury: “This tent is one of the most innovative products. It is much lighter than any tent ever was before not only due to improved materials but also through the use of a completely new, exciting material.”

Exped Syn Mat 7 UL – Switzerland

Syn Mat7 ULThe Syn Mat 7 UL has all the trappings of a good camping mat: unrivaled comfort, warmth and lightweight. It weighs about 16.6 ounces with an area of 6′ by 1.6′ (183 cm by 50 cm), 2.8″ (7 cm) thickness and an R-value of 3.5, which is quite impressive. Yet it packs to the size of a half-litre bottle. It’s easy to operate and extremely robust.

The jury: “It is really revolutionary: very innovative, a lightweight, easy to pack, looks very comfortable a real innovation! You see it at first glance, it’s fascinating giant steps were made in terms of progress here. The sleeping mat is simply an already good product that was made lighter and better. It’s easy to understand and delivers what its looks and feel promise.”

Adventurer Opti (Steripen) – USA

Adventurer Opti SteripenThe Steripen is a portable UV water purifier that uses UV light to kill bacteria, viruses and protozoa present in water. It purifies a quart (1 litre) of water in 90 seconds. It weighs just 3.6 ounces and can be used as an LED flashlight (I personally don’t recommend this). It’s powered by 2 CR123 batteries which can be recharged with a Steripen solar-charging case.

The jury: “This water purifier is an elegant and simple solution at the same time. It is very small, which means it can be easily taken along and is easy to use. A really important, convenient product because water outside of Europe often has to be purified.”

Klattermusen Ab Einriede 2:0 jacket – Sweden

Klattermusen Ab EinriedeNot only is the Klattermusen Ab Einriede 2:0 hard to spell and pronounce correctly, it’s also made of natural, non-toxic materials which consists of 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled polyester for reinforcements. The hood is large enough to fit a helmet underneath and the jacket has ventilated pockets with mesh lining to keep moisture out. Other features include waterproof zippers, folded seams and, believe it or not, a compass and whistle.

The jury: “A sustainable product that stands out by the use of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The jacket doesn’t use any extra gluing, which rounds out the picture of a sustainable wind-and-rain jacket. Klattermusen is a fascinating, exciting brand.”

Ricosta Mountain WMS – Germany

Ricosta Mountain WmsI wish I had these when I was a kid. WMS is a system that takes into account the width and length of children’s feet during the growing stage and Ricosta is the first to use it on kids hiking boots. It has a shoelace system that makes it easy for kids to handle with large and rounded hooks. Grip is very good thanks molded soles and hexa4grip heels.

The jury: “This shoe affords good protection for little feet. The design appeals to kids and encourages them to wear the shoes and be more active outdoors. Products like these, that motivate kids to get out and play, are very important today.”

inov-8 Bare-grip 200 – United Kingdom

inov-8 Bare-grip 200I suppose these could be used for sports like football (or soccer) but these are off-road running shoes meant to give you the feel of running barefoot while providing solid support and protection at the same time. The lack of a mid-sole helps transfer the speed and power of your foot directly through the shoe.

The jury: “It combines all the characteristics that you could want in a good shoe. It is comfortable, fits perfectly, gives great support, dries quickly and is very lightweight that’s running pleasure at its finest.”

Black Diamond Equipment GridLock – USA

gridlockWeighing only 2.7 ounces (76 g), this safety carabiner is warmly forged to prevent it from twisting. The GridLock also has a safety ring that remains safely at the bottom to prevent lateral load.

The jury: The karabiner is a wonderful, very simple design solution a typical Black Diamond simple and beautiful.”

Care Plus® Tick-Test – Netherlands

care-plusBorrelia (also known as spirochete) bacteria present in ticks can cause Lyme disease which can cause abnormalities in the skin, joints, heart, and nervous system. It’s something you really don’t want to have. Care Plus Tick-Test is a self-diagnosis tick test to detect the presence of Borrelia on a tick that has bitten you so that you. It’s important that you take the appropriate action swiftly before the lyme becomes chronic.

The jury: “This test helps to identify Lyme disease at a very early stage so that treatment can be begun early. The product also draws attention to a problem that is becoming increasingly common. Using the test is easy and inexpensive as well.”

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July 29, 2010