Mammuts Lightweight Crampon Boots

mammutsmtcliffgtxMammuts’  new crampon boot, Mt.Cliff GTX, weighs only44 ounces for the men’s size 8.5 and 37 ounces for the women’s size 5.5.  It is compatible with strap-on type crampons and great for mountain walking, hiking and climbing.

Asymmetric lacing help boost pressure on the big toes and increase precision. Free-sliding bands ensure a good foothold by transferring the force of the lacing to the sole.

The boo also have uppers that are primarily made from tough Dropstuff textile reinforced with ‘velour leather’. The Gore-Tex waterproof liner keeps your feet dry. The Vibram Mulaz sole gives you a sure grip and there’s even a smal neoprene gaiter and rubber toe-cap.

Consider a pair if you find that traditional winter boots are too heavy for you. These crampon-compatible boots are worth buying.

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March 19, 2010