Game Changing Hydration Engine – Hydration bladder like no other


There are two things I DON’T like about traditional hydration packs. First is that you have to suck on it to drink and second it’s damn hard to clean. That’s why I really like GeigerRig’s Hydration Engine. It has two chambers, one for air and the other for water. When air is pumped into one [...]

Camping pot made of paper

Paper Camping Pot

Camping pots don’t come any any lighter or more compact than the Hexa Pot and if you care so much about your pack weight and you only cook food with water like noodles, soup and pasta, it may just be what you’re looking for. I’ve never tried it before but I think you can boil [...]

7 New Gear to Look Forward to at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2012

Granite Gear Vapor Current Backpack

The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market is said to be “North America’s largest winter lifestyle and sports industry gathering in the world featuring big brand names like Timberland, The North Face and Columbia Sportwear and new startups showcasing new gear to buyers like REI, Cabelas, The Sports Authority and more. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you [...]

Mo-Tools Multi-Function Axe

mo-tool Black Axe

The problem with most axes is that they’re too big and heavy to carry around all day. An axe is not something I’d carry on a backpacking trip. In fact, most people don’t. I find that there aren’t many situations that require the use of axe when I’m out there. I could probably use a [...]

Is the Pocket Chair Ideal for Backpacking?


The reason most people don’t carry a camping chair for backpacking is because of its size and weight. There aren’t many camping chairs that you can easily carry on a backpacking trip so when I saw the ad for the Pocket Chair I thought this must be it; I have finally found a portable chair [...]

Columbia’s Omni-Heat battery-powered jacket a fire hazard

Faulty Omni-Heat Electric jacket battery pack

  A cell defect on the battery pack, which causes overheating and pose a fire hazard, was found on three Omni-Heat™ Electric jacket styles: Omni-Heat™ Electric Wader Widgeon, Omni-Heat™ Electric Big Game and Omni-Heat™ Gale Warning Interchange. Two battery packs were included with each of the jackets. Columbia voluntarily conducted the product recall in cooperation with [...]

“Barefoot” hiking boots by Vivobarefoot


Barefoot footwear don’t give you as much cushioning as your normal padded sneakers do but it’s supposed to be safer because it promotes the natural way humans move. It’s “barefoot” because it lets you have a feel for the ground almost as if you were barefoot, which adds to your sensory perception of the terrain [...]

Stylish Gucci boots for the wealthy outdoorsman


I never knew Gucci makes hiking boots; I just found out they designed a small batch in 2007 and in their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection they decided to do it again. I doubt they’d be able to outperform the likes of Timberland, Solomon, Merrell and other big names in the hiking boots business but they get top [...]

Pledge Support for LuminAid – “Give Light, Get Light”


It weighs 90 grams, packs down flat to about the size of your hand and is powered by light. Once inflated, choose between LOW (20 lumens) and HIGH (35 lumens) light setting and it diffuses light in all direction making it a good replacement for your camping lantern. You get 4 hours of light on [...]

NeverWet is more than just waterproof spray


Spray it on any fabric and it’ll be more than just waterproof, it’ll be water repellent. Water will glide as if it’s on the surface of a teflon cooking pan or a Rain-X-treated window. Teflon and Rain-X are hydrophobic. They’re used on surfaces that are already waterproof to prevent stuff  like fried eggs and water [...]